At last! A speaker who won't tell you what to eat or how to exercise, but will tell you how to change your life to be healthy and well. Live a life that is vibrant and alive, full of meaning, purpose and connectedness. Live to thrive, not just survive, drawing upon the motivation within you to sustain lasting lifestyle change.

Continually working since the late 1970's to help people find ways to improve their lifestyles, Dr. Michael Arloski is a thinker who synthesizes wellness down to what really works. A key developer in the field of wellness coaching, he was the creator of some of the earliest work in the field and now is the author of Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change, the first and most comprehensive wellness coaching book written.

Connecting with his audiences with sincerity, compassion and humor, Dr. Arloski reaches people with masterful storytelling that relays the challenges and triumphs of being well in our stressful world. Weaving metaphor and wisdom, he knows that helping people live fulfilling and healthy lives is both art and science.

"Wellness is really more about motivation than information. When I connect with an audience it is just that, connection. I'm not talking at them, I'm more of a guide, an ally, joining them on an exploration of the potential of a life well lived!"

A licensed psychologist, consultant and wellness coach with over 25 years of pioneering contribution to the wellness field, Michael has presented seminars, keynotes and consultations on four continents, pursuing his mission of taking the concept of wellness worldwide.

Dr. Arloski is the CEO and founder of Real Balance Global Wellness Services LLC and the Director of Wellness Coaching. He is past president of the Northern Colorado Counselors Association for Training & Development, past president of the Ohio Society for Behavioral Health & Biofeedback and the Colorado College Association. He received advanced coach training through The Coaches Training Institute and is a member of the International Coaching Federation, and board member of the National Wellness Association.

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